This could be the most New England proposal in the history of proposals. It's right up there with popping the question on the jumbotron at a Red Sox game or plopping an engagement ring in your beloved's cup of clam "chowdah" (on second thought, that sounds like a choking hazard. Maybe don't do that).

Let's rewind a few years, shall we? In 2021, a couple from Westerly, Rhode Island, went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. Their names are Ken Steinkamp and Sandy Sikorski. Sandy was munching away on an order of clams when all of a sudden, she bit down on something very hard and round.

She immediately spit the object out, and her sister-in-law, who was also there, thought it was her tooth! Turns out it was a beautiful pearl! It is very rare to find a pearl in a clam, since they are more commonly found in oysters. Sandy declared to herself (and perhaps out loud) how gorgeous the pearl was. It was huge and a very beautiful shape. It would make a lovely engagement ring someday (hint hint, Ken!).

Sandy gets tons of compliments on the ring, and absolutely loves looking at it! She says the shape reminds her of the Eiffel Tower.
I love this full circle love story. If the couple ever has a daughter or decide to get a dog together, I think they should name her "Pearl".

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