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This video below of a sweet bear struggling to walk will most definitely tug at your heartstrings.

The bear was rescued by the Massachusetts State Police along with the Massachusetts Environmental Police after calls poured in about the vulnerable bear having trouble walking.  Police even shut down I-495 where WBZ-TV Boston says the hurt bear was stuck in a grassy median between both directions south of Boston near the Bridgewater-Raynham line.

WBZ-TV Boston
WBZ-TV Boston

I totally cried watching this bear, and hoped for a successful rescue. Like so many others, I followed the story for about an hour-and-a-half until he was safely rescued and in the hands of the wildlife doctors.

According to WBZ, drivers noticed the injured bear dragging his back legs, barely able to stand, and looking frightened.  Many drivers pulled off onto the side of the highway and kept an eye on the bear.

Massachusetts State Police and Environmental Police monitored the bear's movements in the grassy median as it moved in and out of the woods between the lanes, and were finally able to rescue him.

WBZ-TV Boston
WBZ-TV Boston

Massachusetts State Troopers shut down traffic and even shut down both directions while trying to get the bear to come out. WBZ says that the Environmental Police were eventually able to sedate the bear, load him into the back of a truck, and drive him away safely.

The outpouring of concern for this bear's suffering had everyone rooting for him, and that medical care and relocation would be the next steps.  However, WBZ says that a medical evaluation conducted by wildlife experts determined that it sustained significant injuries and couldn't be saved.

At least he's at peace now.

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