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Who doesn't love a lighthouse? Each one is unique in its own way. It truly feels like a lighthouse has its own identity. The character they exhume only appreciates by age. So, considering most lighthouses are 100 plus years old, the character is pouring out.

In Maine, we have some absolutely amazing lighthouses. We are lucky to have many still standing and active.

According to visitmaine.com, there are currently 65 lighthouses still standing in Maine. That is 65 historical monuments that still grace the rocky shores of Maine's beautiful, but dangerous coastline.

While Maine doesn't have the most lighthouses, it does have some of the most iconic in the country. Portland Head Light is internationally known. Marshall Point Light was filmed for an Academy Award winning movie. Pemaquid Light averages around 100,000 visitors a year. And this is just naming a few examples.

Of the 65 lighthouses still standing in Maine, 21 of them can be found from Kittery to Monhegan. Some are very well known, while others are absolute hidden gems...including a few that are miles off the shoreline.

Here is a look at those 21 lighthouses, with many still allowing visitors to tour the facilities or museums.

And a quick shoutout to all of the workers and volunteers that keep the lighthouses in as good of shape as possible. They are a part of Maine's living history. It's crucial that they remain standing, so more generations can learn of their significance and the heroes who manned them. It's difficult to imagine what kind of shape many of these would be in without many in the community giving a helping hand.

A Tour of Maine's Incredible Lighthouses From Kittery to the Midcoast

Lighthouses are not only iconic, they are living history. We are fortunate to have countless lighthouse still standing and operating. While many are iconic tourist destinations, it hasn't changed the fact that they still stand to protect vulnerable ships and sailors.

Here is a look at some of those iconic Maine lighthouses in the southern part of the state up to the midcoast.

How 'Bout This $1.975 Million Oceanfront Property With Lighthouse?

The historic Keeper's House on Isle au Haut in Penobscot Bay is for sale and who wouldn't want to spend some time there? The property comes with the iconic and fully automated lighthouse on Robinson Point, which is maintained by the town itself, so you wouldn't have to do anything with it but sit back and enjoy it. Now, that's a big-time bonus in our book.

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