Westbrook Maine Police Got a Surprise Visitor

Those folks in Maine know their wildlife.  They know when they see a stranger.

According to the Westbrook Maine Police Department Facebook page, the police helped come to the aid of a Roadrunner in need.

The Westbrook Maine Police must have thought they had a looney toon calling them to report a roadrunner bird that needed help.

The bird apparently hitched a ride with a moving company in Nevada all the way to Maine, the Facebook post stated. The moving company knew right away he was a stowaway.

Sadly, there was no coyote insight

Some of the comments on the Facebook post are hilarious.

“Was it Acme moving,” said Mark Lizotte.

Maggie McArthur said, “Clearly he underestimates the number of coyotes in the state of Maine.”

It’s impressive that the bird was identified because he looks nothing like the cartoon version I remember watching as a kid.

Where the Misplaced Bird is Headed

After checking out the area during the moving process, the bird was captured and is on its way to Avian Haven to be taken care of, according to the police.

It is a pretty cool-looking bird, and everyone knows that I have a slight obsession with birds.  Even I would know that it is not a native species.

Great work by the officers at Westbrook Police Department in assisting in the capture of the roadrunner.

Not being a native species, he probably didn’t stand a chance of surviving a Maine winter.  Nice to see he found a place with Avian Haven.

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