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I remember seeing a lot of blue last year.


I remember walking around my adopted hometown of Rochester, New Hampshire, and seeing a lot of blue flags, messages on message boards thanking the police and I thought it was a great idea.  I did not know this is an annual event in the city.

This year, the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Groen Construction, Holy Rosary Credit Union, Rochester Elks Lodge #1393, Rochester Main Street, Rochester Rotary Club, and Spaulding High School are joining forces to celebrate “Paint the City Blue,” according to city officials.


Saying Thank You


I remember when my kids were little I would always stop and greet the police in our neighborhood, so they knew it was safe and where to go if they needed help.  Police have had a tough year and it can be a thankless job.  I love that Rochester celebrates the force and shows its support.


How can you Participate?


There will be decorating contests this year for residents and businesses.  Decorate your home or business and submit a photo to enter the contest and you may end up with a $250 prize.

The contest is being sponsored by Hervey’s Tire Co. Inc.  The winning business will receive a plaque and an e-blast!

You can submit your photo entries to thervey@rochesternh.org by September 17.  The winners will be announced on September 22.

So, break out the blue flags, blue paint, and blue decorations to show your support.  They are always there when we need them, it’s time to thank an officer and support the force.

For more information, visit http://www.thankarc.com/ or on Facebook at @ThankARochesterCop.

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