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Who are the Rolling Smiles?


What started as a joke to make his wife laugh has now become a mission to help others.

Last year, when the pandemic lockdowns hit, co-founder of Rolling Smiles, Alysia Lemelin said her husband Bill put on a Spider-Man suit to make her laugh.  Who would have known it would become a movement?

The group Rolling Smiles, a team of local superheroes began riding around during the pandemic with superhero costumes on to make kids laugh and raise the spirits of the general public.


The Joy of Seeing a Group of Superheroes on Motorcycles


Imagine a child’s face when Superman or the Incredible Hulk comes driving down their street on a motorcycle.

The Rolling Smiles group just continues to grow.  Some members of the group had costumes that they have used to visit sick children in the hospital so it seemed like a natural fit that the Rolling Smiles group would use their popularity to help groups like St. Jude Children’s Hospital with a charity ride which was hugely successful.


The Ride to Help America’s Disabled Veterans


The group is planning another ride on Aug. 7 starting at the American Legion Post 7 in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Registration starts at 9 a.m., kickstands up at 11 am.

The endpoint of the ride will be Harley Jacks Burgers and Brews in Ossipee.

The cost to register your ride with Rolling Smiles is $25 per bike to raise money for disabled veterans.

Passengers ride free and you can get a $5 discount if your and/or your passenger suits up in a kid-friendly costume.

You can find more information on the group at rollingsmiles.org or check them out on Facebook here.

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