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Have you ever been to the Kowloon in Saugus, MA? It is a place filled with joy and wonder. I consider myself a bit of Crab Rangoon connoisseur, and Kowloon has the best 'goons I've ever put into my belly. I KNOW, it's a bold statement!

Something truly epic happened at Kowloon recently, involving a very hardworking and well-deserving member of the Kowloon staff.

According to CBSnews.com, Shirley Rose is a 79-year-old (mostly retired) woman who will pick up a shift from time to time at the Kowloon Keno counter. On this particular day, she was covering for a coworker, and boy is she glad she grabbed this shift.

The news site states that a man visited her lottery counter to buy a keno ticket. As many people do, he asked Shirley to help him pick out his numbers. The man picked his favorite numbers for the first two numbers, then he asked Shirley to pick a couple. She thought of two birth dates that were important to her. There was one more number to pick, so that man asked Shirley how old she was. Normally, I would say "never make a lady reveal her age", but in this case it worked out quite well! Shirley reluctantly told the man she was 79 years young, and he picked that for the last number. He bought two tickets, and gave one to her.


Two $10 tickets won her and the man $2000 each. What a time to be alive! Shirley told the news site that she felt like the man was happier for her than he was for himself. She didn’t know it at the time, but later found out the man had become a grandfather for the first time hours before coming into the restaurant, so he was in a very good mood. She also later found out his name is Eddie, which is her son and his father's name. Do you have goosebumps too?

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