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When I think of Bed Bath & Beyond, I think of shopping with my mom for college dorm stuff, then I think of shopping for my first apartment once I was in the real world after graduating.  Of course, it doesn't end there, when it was time to buy that first house.

It's so sad when you hear about any big box that holds memories shut down, at least in my book.  And that's what's happening to a bunch of Bed Bath & Beyond stores as the closings continue around the country.

Another victim of the Recession.

According to NBC Connecticut, this popular home goods retailer closed 150 stores in 2022, as well as 20% of its workforce, and is continuing the trend for 2023.

While four stores in Connecticut are closing as part of the 87 nationwide, CBS News Boston says five of those are across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Those locations are in the suburban Boston locations of Burlington and Dedham, the southeastern part of the state in North Dartmouth and Raynham, and the western Massachusetts town of Pittsfield.  Massachusetts stores in the Providence, Rhode Island, suburb of Seekonk, Milford outside Worcester, and Dorchester closed down last year.

According to CBS News Boston, the company will file for bankruptcy since it can't pay its debts.

Bed, Bath, & Beyond via Facebook
Bed, Bath, & Beyond via Facebook

The good news?  There are still 17 stores around Massachusetts, at least for now, so if you have one of those 20% off discounts we always get in the mail, you may want to use it before we hear about more closures from this beloved home store that was part of our lives for so long.

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