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New restaurant alert.

I repeat, new restaurant alert.

Am I the only one that hears about a new restaurant and immediately plans a day or night to check it out?

One thing we have on the Seacoast is an abundance of amazing big name, small hole-in-the-wall, and everything in between restaurants and eateries.

The newest place to grub is called the Overboard Pub and Grill. Located in Seabrook, New Hampshire, this spot provides beachgoers another fun bar for food and drinks.

I have not been yet; however, I love the look of the deck. It is super colorful, fun, and bright - a great way to spend a summer afternoon.

The restaurant plans to have live music and swings for those to enjoy on the deck.

The restaurant has not made much of a splash as May 20, 2022, is their opening day, according to their Facebook page.

The Overboard Pub and Grill have been in the process of trying to open, as they have been registered as a New Hampshire company since March 15, 2022, according to the NH company registration website. They planned to open May 1, 2022; however, they were pushed back two weeks.

They are open as of now, but they are looking for all kinds of help. According to one of their Facebook posts, they are looking for Souse Chefs, Line Cooks, Swing Cooks, Dishwashers, Prep Cooks, and more. If  you, or someone you know are interested, they ask for they to reach out to Sandy at (978) 273-7982.

The Overboard Pub and Grill is located at 186 Ocean Dr. Seabrook, NH. Check 'em out!

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