The founder of a Dover nonprofit organization that helps people with the expenses associated with caring for service dogs says he is taking client applications.

Brendan Madden filed the New Hampshire Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) in 2018 and says he is now getting back into raising money.

Madden's mission is not to connect people with new service dogs.

"I formed this organization to help people with the service dogs that are already out there," Madden said. "I used to have my own service dog."

Madden explained that he started working with his service dog, Japhy, in 2005. There were a number of unexpected expenses, especially when the golden retriever got older.

Japhy lived until he was 16. Vet bills, monthly flea and tick treatments, heartworm pills and proper grooming all added up, Madden said.

But Japhy had a job to do and was very helpful to Madden.

You can see video of Japhy opening the refrigerator to retrieve lunch for Madden in the video below:

After Japhy passed away about three years ago, Madden created the NHCSSD logo in his honor and there are photos of him and Madden together on their website, which can be seen by clicking here.

In order to qualify as a client at the New Hampshire Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs, the dog owner must live in Dover, Somersworth, or Rochester or receive services from Broadview Animal Hospital in Dover, Rochester or Milton.

People who use Village Veterinary Care in Rollinsford also qualify, according to the online application.

Madden said he is planning to hold giveaways for his clients.

"I'd like to do a giveaway about every month so the more money I raise, the more opportunities that will bring," Madden said.

September is National Service Dog Month.

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