Are you looking for some good in the world, specifically in New England?

Well, I got you covered with this well-kept secret.

A hidden trophy display underneath a Boston, Massachusetts, bridge holds decades worth of Boston and Massachusetts history.

Let's back it up.

Back in 2014, one individual "noticed that the underway in Kendall Square of the 'salt n’ peppah' Longfellow Bridge perfectly resembled a shelving unit," according to a Boston Uncovered article. "He decided to store a few trophies under the bridge and other Bostonians quickly followed to display their trophies and medals alongside."

What started as a cool idea by one anonymous man has grown into a full-blown trophy display of accomplishments by Bostonians that date back to the 1950s.

Check out the display below:

What is amazing to me is that it is untouched. No vandalism. No crude behavior to the collection.

This is not publicly run. There is no bodyguard or city official who monitors this. Instead, it is an open-shelving system of history from Bostonians and other New Englanders.

What started as a few vintage gold and silver bowling trophies sparked a massive display, where "hundreds of trophies and medals, from Boston Marathon unicorns to shiny 2-foot-tall Baseball State Champion awards create a full “hall of fame” for pedestrians to enjoy," according to Boston Uncovered.

The location?

Thousands of commuters travel over Longfellow Bridge on the daily, yet many are unaware of this hidden treasure of Boston community. The display hides under the steps of Longfellow Bridge at the furthest end on Cambridge side!

Let's keep these pieces of history as long as we can, and grow this trophy collection even bigger.

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