A Stay Warm Bag is Something I hope I Never Need


I am proud to be a customer of Service Credit Union.  I like supporting businesses that give back to their community.  This time of year, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to feel grateful for what we have and help those that need a hand up.  Service Credit Union has been busy packing “Stay Warm” bags according to wmur.com.  Volunteers work to pack up things like mittens, hats, scarves, blankets, and anything else that can help keep someone warm when they have nowhere to sleep.


Stay Warm Bags Given to Local Non-profits


Jaime Yates of Service Credit Union tells wmur.com “Our employees work together to pack these bags, and then we distribute them to our community partners around the state before they are given to individuals and families that are in need of these.  It shows collaboration, it shows community, it shows everything that SCU is about as well as being a great kickoff to our upcoming season of giving.”


Imagine Sleeping Outside in this Weather


I can’t imagine sleeping outside in this type of weather.  A “Stay Warm Bag” would be most welcome by much homeless sleeping outside.  If you are a non-profit group interested in partnering with Service Credit Union you can go to the website https://servicecu.org/STAYWARM/ and request some kits.  Businesses that show compassion for their community and employees that volunteer their time to work on these projects should get a round of applause.  I am proud to support their business.


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