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Ski jumping is back at The Nansen Ski Jump, known lovingly as The Big Nansen, and we couldn't be more excited.

It was once the biggest in the country, and it's been 37 years since this specially crafted ramp was used. That's nearly four decades!  Check out this video from its opening week that kicked off on January 23, 2022.

This is truly one of the most spectacular sports to watch.

It's pure speed, form, and balance as these athletes, buckled into their specialty skis, boots, and snowsuits, literally hurl themselves down a ramp and fly through the air, following the curve of the hill 300 feet through the air, parallel to their skis, 15 feet above the hard-packed snow to, fingers crossed, that perfect landing.

This all adds up to 60 mph, says Everything Mountains.

So why did The Nansen close and go unused for 37 years after such heart-pounding action for over 50 years?

Our NPR station in New Hampshire says

Most notably, the volunteers who had been making these events happen were getting older, and professional ski jumpers were going elsewhere to use more modern jumps.

Did you know that the jump was designated a historic site in 2011, according to the New Hampshire State Parks?  The history behind this ski jump gives me the chills because it had such an impact on the sport.

Now, The Sleeping Giant is awake with the help of $500,000 in federal funding, according to The Big Nansen Facebook page. Fans are already cheering with excitement for its reopening. It's just so majestic.

Teams of people involved in recapturing the infamy for a new generation had it ready for opening day on January 23, 2022.

Yup, it's back baby.

And what a tribute to the history of ski jumping in New Hampshire and the world.

For a history of this magnificence, click here for The Big Nansen website. It truly is a wonderful story.

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