Seeing posts about animals up for adoption brings up feelings of both joy and sadness. Of course it's nice to see adorable pictures of dogs, cats, and other critters, but it's sad to know that they have yet to find forever homes.

It's especially hard when an animal has spent an extra long time in a shelter. These special fur babies have been waiting ever so patiently, and are more than deserving of finding families of their own.

Like Leroy Dixie, for instance.

Leroy is a three-year-old Blue Tick Coonhound mix, and has spent over 200+ days in the shelter at Great Dog Rescue New England. In GDRNE's words, "that is 200 days too many for this boy to be in a shelter," and we couldn't agree more.

The below Facebook post shares more information about Mr. Leroy, who has until March 5 to find a new home.

Leroy's had a sad past, according to the post. He was found on the side of the road, covered in fleas and emaciated. Thankfully, he's since made a full recovery and is a fan of all things outdoor adventuring and woods walks (what hound dog wouldn't love all those smells?). As his caretakers say:

"This boy is a love. Happy to snuggle and happy to adventure. His houndness makes him a great companion for long walks and getting to sniff along the way is a huge reward for him! It's like taking him to the candy store where he gets to sample everything!"

The post goes on to explain that Leroy "will be a good companion and just needs someone to show him the ropes."

One thing to know about Leroy is that he tested positive for heartworm upon his arrival at the shelter, and is now on monthly heartworm prevention. That said, everything else is otherwise all taken care of, and the condition shouldn't impact his life.

Interested in adopting or learning more about Leroy Dixie? You can look at his Petfinder profile here, or click here to start the adoption process. You can also email for more information.

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