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The people of Ukraine are constantly on our minds and in our hearts. Can you imagine having to flee from the only home you've ever known? Your country is being invaded and you are forced to leave absolutely everything behind. I see clips on the news and online, and it is almost unfathomable. I keep having to remind myself  that I am not learning about a period in history. This is all happening right now.

I am always wondering if we should be talking about the War on Ukraine more on the air. Are we showing enough support? At the same time, I know that people look to our radio station and morning show as a pick-me-up and a sweet escape from this cruel, dark world.

Logan and I were doing our segment the other day called "The Good Stuff", where we feature positive and encouraging news stories that hit you in the feels. We need them now more than ever! Though what is happening in the Ukraine is absolutely devastating, a lot of people are uniting and showing their support for those that have been affected. We made a call that if anyone heard of a local organization doing something to help the Ukrainian people to please let us know. Logan and I want to get involved, or at the very least help spread the word. Well, ask and you shall receive!

A few weeks ago, a friend and listener of the station Sean Kelly sent me a message on Facebook informing me that Stripe Nine Brewing Company in Somersworth, NH, is coming out with a Ukrainian Anti-Imperial Stout called "Resist". It is a Solidarity Brew, which means 100% of the profits will go to the humanitarian relief effort.

It's one thing for a huge company to donate money to relief efforts, but for a small local business that is trying to make up for a global pandemic, it is truly noble and unbelievable.

And what better time to release this brew than on National Beer Week!

Sean, Stripe Nine Brewing Co.
Sean, Stripe Nine Brewing Co.

They are hosting a can release event at Stripe Nine Brewing Co. on Saturday April 16th. There will be live music by Erin’s Guild at 6PM, artisan wood-fired pizza (voted the top 10 in New Hampshire), and of course, the new beer will be available.

All the details you need are right here! Sounds like an EXCELLENT way to spend a Saturday!

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