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Shayla Jepsen is a local lifestyle photographer on New Hampshire's Seacoast. She's been doing photography since 2016 and what started as her side hustle is now her bread and buttah! She recently launched an amazing project called "The Human Behind the Badge" and this is a cause near and dear to Shayla's heart.

Shayla was raised by one of New Hampshire's finest police officers. Her dad is now retired and is still one of Shayla's biggest heroes. She has felt the weight of this tough and often times thankless job, ESPECIALLY this past year. She is on a mission to let officers and their families know how appreciated they are. “The Human Behind the Badge” project is a series of 15 minute long mini sessions. The officer appears in uniform for one family portrait, and in normal civilian clothes for another and they are shared side by side to show them as normal humans! This is completely free for officers and their families. (only active and retired police officers please)

Shayla Ashley Photography
Shayla Ashley Photography

If you know of an officer who would be willing to participate please have them reach out to Shayla directly via her business' Facebook page. She wants officers to know that no details will be released; badges and patches will be blurred.

And if you are in need of a photographer for a wedding, maternity shoot, family photos, whatever you need, Shayla does an incredible job. Check out more of her work here.

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