For many kids, growing up to be a professional athlete and playing in one of the four major sporting leagues in the US is a dream that lives with them forever, even into their adult years! However, this dream is a very unlikely one, as the odds of making it and becoming a sports star are extremely low. However, statistically speaking, you may have better odds depending on what state you grow up in.

If your Maine kid absolutely crushes at pee wee football and you think he might be the next Tom Brady, he very well could be. I'm just here to report some research from Do with it what you will!

The site looked into the birthplace of every athlete across the four major sporting leagues in America (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL), and compared them to the current birthrates in every state to reveal the odds of your child becoming a sports star.

Little boy playing ice hockey
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The results showed that Louisiana babies are the most likely to become the sports stars of the future, having the highest athletes per birth rate in the US. Good for you, Pelican State!

Maine ranks as the state with the eighth-lowest chance of becoming a sports star, with an average of 0.95 athletes per 1,000 male births across the four major leagues. Vermont ranked rock bottom due to their being no Vermont-born athletes in any of the four major leagues. Ouch!

The moral of the story? Your Maine made kid has a better chance of becoming a famous actress in Hollywood (hello, Anna Kendrick!) than they do of becoming a professional athlete. But never say never! Your kid could be the exception, not the rule.

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