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Isn't this so much fun?  I loved going to the Friends pop-up with my friends in Boston back in 2019.  We got to see the fountain, both apartments, Central Perk coffee shop, and tons of memorabilia from the show that was touring around the country.

Beth Snow
Beth Snow

Now, Central Perk will be with us for good in our own New England block, so to speak, in Boston.  Who doesn't know the iconic coffee shop, where tears and laughs and relationships ebbed and flowed during that incredible sitcom, including one of the most famous kisses in television history between Rachel and Ross?

So get ready, because later this year, this Friends-inspired coffee shop will have its very first permanent location in Boston.  That's right, New York City, Boston gets it first.  According to Boston.com, it will be lovingly called Central Perk Coffeehouse, and is based on the cafe and coffeehouse at the very center of the forever popular '90s sitcom, which ran from 1994-2006.  How many times have you watched the entire series?  It's at least five for me.

Boston.com says the powers that be – Warner Bros., Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, and CenPer Holdings – decided that Boston was the ideal spot for a first location for Central Perk. It will be located at 205 Newbury Street, right in the heart of the Back Bay.  How perfect is that?

So why was New York City snubbed as the first stop?  I love the 212, but who cares? We'll take it.

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