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When you think of New England, what is the first food that comes to mind?


I bet you thought lobster.

Specifically, if you are from Massachusetts, Maine, or New Hampshire, you likely thought lobster rolls.

Maybe you like your lobster rolls warmed up with butter. Maybe cold with a side of coleslaw. What about on a grilled or soft bun? Regardless of how we like it, us New Englanders love our lobster rolls. There is nothing better than a warm summer day with the view of the ocean and a thick lobster roll to devour.

Whether you are from New Hampshire, or you are visiting for a period of time, you likely have asked yourself: 'where is the best lobster roll?' For me, this is a near impossible question to answer, because I have never been unhappy with a lobster roll in my hand. More importantly, who would trust one person's opinion? Not one person can be the judge. So I turned to a poll and asked the people of New Hampshire.

"Where is the best lobster roll in the 603?"

The results were overwhelming. Many places were names numerous times. Some places were mentioned once.

I even found out some secrets about some lobster roll joints. David Simone said, "Tuck-a-way Tavern Raymond NH. Monday and Tuesday buy one get one free." This one was obviously mentioned a few times.

Suzanne Cady Macdonald said that the "Rye Harbor Lobster Pound (is) by far the best."

Everyone has an opinion, so, in no particular order, here are the best lobster rolls in New Hampshire.

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