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It’s like Aerosmith teaming up with Run-DMC to walk their way back onto the charts. It’s like a diehard Jason Varitek fan learning his Canobie Lake Park buddy is none other than Jason Varitek.

Just think of it: soon-to-be Celtic Kevin Durant purchasing the Boston home of another Boston legend, Tom Brady. The stuff dreams are made of.

The fun made its way to Boston sports talk radio when a Twitter user who goes by the name of Simon Charles tweeted that Durant had officially purchased the $13.6 million home that once belonged to TB12.

Apparently, no one thought to check out Simon Charles’ Twitter profile, which states: “Esteemed sports journalist & Patriots Beat Writer; Double PHD in Journalism & Female Anatomy.”

Unless he’s reporting on the Miss-adventures of Tristan Thompson, “Simon Charles” seems a dubious source.

There is, indeed, a Brady-Durant connection, as the former accompanied the Celtics to recruit the latter when he was a free agent back in 2016. But that’s where the story ends – at least for now.

While yours truly feels that a Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant trade eventually gets done (perhaps soon), I’m aware that I’m in the minority. Celtics fans have been vocal in their denial and distaste for swapping out Jayson Tatum’s 25-year-old sidekick for a 33-year-old who was defeated by Boston in the first round. And yet, the rumors persist.

All these years later, Kevin Durant is the Green People’s Bigfoot. How long before he’s sighted cobbling high tops at Sturbridge Village? Or riding the log flume with Mick Foley at Santa’s Village? Will your friend say they grabbed lunch from Bill & Bob & Kevin’s Roast Beef?

Sorry, but it's probably just some more trolling by the likes of Simon Charles – or should I say, Kevin Durant?

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