As the famous Destiny's Child sang to all of us, "Say My Name, Say My Name."

What's your name? Is it super common?

If you don't know what a surname is, I will tell you.

According to the Dictionary, 

a hereditary name common to all members of a family, as distinct from a given name.

When I moved to Maine from Pennsylvania there were several pretty obvious differences in the culture. The accent was the first difference I noticed. The second thing I noticed were names. I remember meeting three Nadeau's one right after the other.

Something I find that I thought was very beautiful was,

A person's name is the greatest connection to their own identity and individuality. Some might say it is the most important word in the world to that person. It is the one way we can easily get someone's attention. It is a sign of courtesy and a way of recognizing them.

Washington Post

A lot of Maine families had ancestors that migrated from French speaking Canada and so most of the surnames are Franco-American.

So I became very curious as to what the most commonly used surnames in Maine were.

According to American Surnames, below is a list of the top 10 most commonly used surnames in Maine. Is yours one of them?

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