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How fun is this!  I ran across it and so wish I had this as a kid.  Technology has made it possible for Santa Claus to send us texts with photos and videos from the North Pole.  This isn't a cartoon thing, but the real jolly fellow.

Texts from Santa via Facebook
Texts from Santa via Facebook

Who doesn't want Santa reaching out and sharing photos and fun as he, the elves, and reindeer get prepped and ready for Christmas Day?

Ruslan Kudrin Texts from Santa via Facebook
Ruslan Kudrin Texts from Santa via Facebook

Children must love this, and to be honest, even us adults may want to get in on it to let out the kid in us during this magical time of year.

The website is called 'Texts From Santa.'

Santa becomes your best friend for the entire month of December! Have you ever wondered about all the work it takes to get ready for the big day? Well now you will know because Santa himself sends you messages describing everything that is happening at the North Pole. Find out what the Elves and Mrs. Claus are up to and learn all about how the Reindeer prepare. It's as easy as signing up for TextsFromSanta!

Apparently, there are even games and personalized texts and videos, too, depending on how you want to communicate with Santa and his crew in the North Pole.

We helped Santa build a way to communicate with as many of the good little boys and girls around the world as frequently as possible. Santa loves to talk about all the fun things that go on around the North Pole. He even sends pictures of the Workshop and Reindeer that were never seen before! And now that he's so tech savvy himself, he even can send a selfie from when he visits your house on Christmas Eve! Join in the fun and sign up to give Santa your contact information, so he can text you too!

Okay, are you ready?  Just click here to start the fun!

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