The True Christmas Spirit Makes Appearance


The spirit of Christmas is in the giving and the students of Saint Anselm are filled with that spirit today.  Each year Terry Newcomb of Saint Anselm Dining Services makes sure the college coffee shop is decorated for the holidays.  According to, she tells them “It has always been my tradition to decorate the coffee shop, as an overabundance of decorations for the students because they go to expect it, and it makes them happy.”  I think the way Terry Newcomb speaks about the decorations; makes her just as happy to put them up for the students as the students enjoy them.  I suspect the students know this too.


Heartbreaking Grinch Tried to Steal Christmas


The enthusiasm that Terry Newcomb exudes in taking pride in the decorating of the college coffee shop makes what I am about to tell you more heartbreaking.  Some grinch made off with the coffee shop’s holiday decorations.  The front door was stripped of its decorations by some heartless grinch.


Students Come to the Rescue


Just like Santa himself, the students at Saint Anslem came to the rescue and donated tons of trimmings.  Christmas wreaths and garlands were donated as were several gifts and gift cards for Terry and the staff.  Terry was so overwhelmed by the generosity, it left her with happy tears according to  Terry Newcomb has taken quiet pleasure each year in putting up those decorations, but it wasn’t until this year when they were stolen that she realized how much it was appreciated by the students.  The Christmas Grinch has been defeated at Saint Anslem thanks to some loving college students that refused to let Terry Newcomb and her staff at the coffee shop down.  I love a feel-good story!



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