We all have songs that "take us to another place and time", as Kenny Chesney accurately sings in 'I Go Back'.

You probably have songs that bring back memories from moments of celebration, joy, love, loss, sadness, anger, and every emotion in between. Maybe you've got songs that remind you of a particular location, like your old high school or college, the house you grew up in, or a place you used to live in or frequent. The list goes on.

But how about seasons? Are there songs that remind you of a particular time of year? Perhaps a tune reminds you of the chilly winter frost and when you'd sit on your couch with a blanket over you, reading a good book near the lamp or candlelight.

Maybe one reminds you of fall, and the leaves are crunching under you as you walk down the street in a new sweater with a pumpkin spice latte in hand (no hating on the cliche seasonal drinks y'all, cause we're fans). There could also be songs that remind you of the springtime, when everything comes to life again as temperatures begin to warm up.

But how about the summer?

What tunes remind you of lounging on the beach by the water with a cold beverage in your hand? How about going out on the lake till the sun sets, or a summer romance or vacation?

We asked you guys what some of your go-to summer jams were, and made this list of 25 of them, along with links so that you can enjoy each one. Let's see what we've got.

These 25 Songs Make Up the Perfect New England Summer Playlist

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