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The 2022 Winter Olympics are going on as we speak

Last Thursday, the 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off from Beijing, causing eyes from all over the globe to be locked into the same programming for the next three weeks straight. From now through February 20, we'll watch countless athletes from all over the world, including some from here right in Northern New England representing Team USA, go head-to-head for global dominance and bragging rights.

Offering competition in everything from curling and snowboarding to speed skating and the luge, the Beijing Winter Games are offering 15 different events to find the best of the best in, according to the Olympics official website.

What if Maine had an Olympics?

But most of those events -- cross-country skiing, ice hockey, figure skating -- it's all typical. What if there were an Olympic Games that captured the absolute unique heart and soul of an area? And honestly, what better unique place than Maine?

That said...

These Are 30 Unique Events Perfect for a Maine-Based Winter Olympics

Which would you gold medal in?

If you need an amazing place to stay for the Maine Olympics, rent this stunning island property on Casco Bay

Sitting right in the heart of Maine's incredible Casco Bay lies a true oasis that has a property available for rent.

Clapboard Island is an impressive 22-acre island that features beaches, walking paths, and an immense beach house.

The property is a perfect spot for a luxurious family reunion or friendcation.

The house is available through clapboardisland.com

And speaking of stunning things in Maine, here's why Mainers (and those from away) feel so emotional about the Piscataqua River Bridge

Mainers and even those from away that used to live in Maine or are frequent visitors to Maine express exactly what the Piscataqua River Bridge means to them and how emotional it makes them feel.

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