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We all can think of some stereotypes that we associate with different parts of our state.

The towns way up north and closer to Canada are in what we might call the "boonies". Here, we assume that there are more moose and bobcats than people, the existing buildings are probably in need of some TLC, finding cell service is next to impossible, and it takes an eternity to drive to the nearest Walmart or Market Basket.

When thinking of the state's central region, you're probably reminded of scenic natural attractions like Winnipesaukee, the White Mountains, the Kancamangus Highway, a wide assortment of ski resorts, and popular tourist towns like Conway.

The southern part of our state is home to larger cities like Concord, Manchester, and Nashua. Then there's our beloved Seacoast, known for its rich history, popular beaches, and proximity to both Maine and Massachusetts, amongst other things.

But out of all these areas, which towns are the least populated?

After taking a look at the 2020 census, we found the 20 least populated towns in all of New Hampshire. A few of these places have less than hundred people, and one, a literal ghost town, has just two.

Could you imagine living in a town with just one other person? You literally ARE the town.

So, let's explore and see what these places are. How many of them have you been to?

A quick note: these findings are from the 2020 census, and only communities classified as towns have been included.

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