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Summer 2022 officially begins on Tuesday, June 21

We may have had the unofficial kickoff to summer in New England last weekend when Memorial Day Weekend hit, but technically we won't be out of the spring season until the summer solstice hits on Tuesday, June 21.

Regardless, the date on the calendar isn't stopping us from jumping full-bore into the summer season -- setting up laptops outside to do work in the sun, tossing our favorites on the grill, and enjoying beverages (alcoholic and non) that just hit different in the warmer temps.

Summer Cocktail Favorites

Whether it's an already-branded summer drink like New Hampshire native Zachariah Bungert's summer drink of choice of a Sam Adams Summer Ale, or a unique concoction made by trial and error (like randomly mixing red wine, peach schnapps, and lemon seltzer together and referring to it as a "Cheryl-gria" like New Hampshire native Cheryl just recently stumbled upon), New Englanders all have their favorite go-to drink to enjoy for the quick few months we get to experience summer.

These Are the Most Desired Summer Drinks of Choice in New England

Whether alcoholic or not, these are the summer favorites New Englanders love sipping on in the scorching sun.

While you're sipping on those summer beverage favorites, chow down on New Englanders' favorite summer foods

It's officially time to indulge in all the summer's finest foods!

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