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I love when someone digs deep on Google to find out what people are searching for and shares those results state by state. It's an interesting look into how different regions of the country have different priorities.

All Home Connections, an AT&T authorized dealer, posts a map on their website that is updated yearly and shows the results they found looking at the search volume for 13 of the most googled “Should I…” questions from each state in the past year.

I'm sure we've all done a Google search that starts with the words "Should I." I did a search just this week for "Should I invest in cryptocurrency." I never really got an answer that I felt good about, so I won't be.

I have to be honest, this year's results for New England states were not as entertaining as a few years back.

All Home Connections
All Home Connections

Here are the most popular "Should I..." Google searches for each state in New England in 2021:

  • Maine: "Should I buy a house?"
  • New Hampshire: "Should I get a tattoo?"
  • Vermont: "Should I cut my hair?"
  • Massachusettes: "Should I buy a car?"
  • Connecticut: "Should I buy a house?"
  • Rhode Island: "Should I buy a house?"

With the real estate market crazy in New England, most states are wondering if they should buy a house, while Vermonters seem to question whether or not to cut their hair. See? Priorities.

Now where things get more interesting are the pre-pandemic maps from 2018. The real estate market wasn't quite booming yet and it seemed there were less important things we had to wonder about. Maine's result to the "Should I..." question is spot on.

All Home Connections
All Home Connections

Here are the most popular "Should I..." Google searches for each state in New England in 2018:

  • Maine: "Should I care?"
  • New Hampshire: "Should I buy Bitcoin?"
  • Vermont: "Should I vote?"
  • Massachusettes: "Should I update to iOS 12?"
  • Connecticut: "Should I buy Bitcoin?"
  • Rhode Island: "Should I go to college?"

That's right Mainers. In 2018 we just didn't know if we should care. About what? Who cares?

New Hampshire and Connecticut were pondering buying Bitcoin, which I even did myself. Vermont wondered if they should vote, Massachusetts was wondering if iOS 12 was worth the upgrade and Rhode Island was pondering if college was right for them. And you know what? Maine didn't care.

Who knows what 2022 will bring for our "Should I..." Google searches, but right now I'm going to ask Google, "Should I eat an entire large pizza tonight by myself?" Feel free to do the same and let's see if we can get that to the most Googled "Should I..." question of the year. We can do this!

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