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I know, when you see a headline like that, you're probably asking yourself what type of "creature" is this person talking about. Well, let me enlighten you...I am talking about Pukwudgies.

Pukwudgies are one of many urban legends from Massachusetts. The name alone may have you thinking that these magical creatures are cute, but I am here to tell you they are anything but that.

The History of Pukwudgies

According to Thought Catalog, Pukwudgies are the oldest mystical creatures in North America. Native Americans believed that the creatures used to get along with humans, however, they chose to turn against humans. Thought Catalog writes that the legend claims that the reason why Pukwudgies hate humans is due to the Wampanoag tribe.

It seems that the Wampanoag tribe became irritated by the Pukwadgies in the area. Even though they were just trying to be helpful, Pukwadgies were labeled a nuisance. During this time, the Wampanoag tribe praised Maushop the giant and asked the giant to get rid of the creatures. That is exactly what the giant did according to Thought Catalog, the giant threw the Pukwadgies out of the area and even killed some in the process.

What Do Pukwudgies Look Like?

You may be wondering to yourself, what do these creatures even look like. Well, according to Thought Catalog, Pukwadgies resemble humans except they are much smaller (granted their exact height is unknown). So picture a leprechaun with a canine-like nose, larger ears, fingers, and lips- that's exactly what a Pukwadgie looks like.

According to Thought Catalog, Pukwadgies also have smooth, grey skin that at times will glow. Granted the creatures have a unique look, but that is not all. Pukwadgies also have a sweet, floral scent.

What Abilities Do Pukwudgies Have?

Okay, so we have an idea of what we look like, now what abilities do these creatures have? Well, remember when I said think of a leprechaun? Just like a leprechaun, Pakwadgies can be tricksters.

According to Thought Catalog, Pukwudgies can both appear and disappear at will. Not only that, but they can confuse humans, create fire, use magic, lure people to their deaths, and even launch poison arrows. One way that they are able to confuse humans is by shapeshifting. That's right, they can shapeshift to look like a dangerous animal, or even to be half-human, half-animal.

I will tell you now, these creatures are not something that you would want to annoy, if you ever come across one, just leave it alone. According to Thought Catalog, anyone that annoys a Pukwudgie will be followed around and fall victim to the creature's tricks or worse, meet a deadlier ending.

Common Places to See a Pukwudgie

Pukwudgies live inside wooded areas and swamps. If for some crazy reason you want to attempt to see one of these magical creatures, all you will need to do is take a little road trip to Massachusetts as that is where they seem to be spotted.

According to Thought Catalog, there has been a significant amount of Pukwudgies sighted near Freetown State Forest. Police have received so many calls about potential sightings there that they even put up a "Pukwudgie Crossing" sign near the forest.

If you have experienced any paranormal activity, or like near a place in which there have been paranormal activity claims, you may also see a Pukwudgie. Thought Catalog states that Pukwudgies have also been sighted near Fall River, MA (home of the Lizzie Borden ax murders).

These creatures are not only seen in MA. Pukwudgies also appear in the Harry Potter series. In the series, they act as a symbol and house at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I don't know about you, but these magical creatures are not something I want to come across. I mean they can basically play cruel mind tricks.

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