Sometimes, it happens to the best of us.  I was having company over and I decided to be really homey and make some cookies.  Bad idea.  They burned up pretty badly.  Next time, I'll know better.

There's a magical place that will have to be on your bucket list this season.  The Gingerbread Construction Company in Winchester, Mass.  (In the Woburn area)  Especially if you have to go to a party this holiday season.  Why bake yourself when you have this place to order from?

There are actually two locations, one in Wakefield at 52 Main Street and the other in Winchester at 562 Washington Street and boy oh boy, are you gonna be transported into a little piece of heaven when you walk in.

The Gingerbread Construction Company was started by a couple out of their home in Stoneham, Mass.  John and Janet D'Orsi were making gingerbread houses as a hobby in 1981, but after people showed up at their door looking to buy their delicious products, they knew they had to open up a store.  Here's more of their story from their website:

Knowing that seasonally popular gingerbread houses would not be enough to attract customers all year, John and Janet developed a sumptuous muffin line, as well as a gourmet cookie line. They started with only six varieties of the oversized, fresh baked muffins, but have since expanded their line to include nineteen varieties. These muffins have been recognized by Phantom Gourmet and won many awards for their delectable taste.

For your Halloween celebrations, they have beautiful and delicious pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies.  The sugar cookies change shape with every holiday, so you know there are Christmas shapes on the way.  And, of course... their name says it all.... LOTS of Gingerbread cookies!

Lucky for us all, if you are nowhere near the Gingerbread Construction Company, you can order from their website and have these delicious confections come right to your door.  Just click here for all kinds of holiday ideas.  Fast and easy.  I'm all about that.

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