Chocolate snobs, rejoice!

If that’s you, then you know it includes everything chocolate, including one of our most favorite winter moments: drinking the most perfect mug of hot chocolate.

And there's a place in Exeter, New Hampshire, that could be your new favorite hot chocolate spot.

Enna Chocolate is located at 152 Front Street, where every bit of their chocolate is made onsite in their factory with pure chocolate, ground finely so that it melts easily, according to their website.

Enna’s has a variety of hot chocolate drinks, so buckle up, because your choices will leave you wanting to go back and taste each one throughout our chilly, seacoast winter.

Enna Chocolate's website touts their pride in using whole milk from local cows, although you can use other liquids as well.


One of the delicious choices you have is hot chocolate with layers of molten chocolate, espresso, and panela-sweetened whipped cream.  Yes, I said layers of molten chocolate.

There’s even unsweetened, 100% La Mosquitia Honduras chocolate, blended with milk and topped with some freshly roasted cacao nibs.

The Downeaster uses La Mosquitia Honduras drinking chocolate as well, this time sweetened with maple syrup.

Tapped New England sugar maple tree dripping sap into bucket.

Then there’s Columbian Hot Chocolate made with 74% cacoa, and of course the Mayan Spice is another pure chocolate blend with unique flavors as each chocolate-making process begins from raw cacao beans from around the world.  This means distinct tastes prevail.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate is another must, of course, because, ‘tis the season.  And I hear rumors that more flavors are on the horizon that will have you and I closing our eyes and savoring every single sip.

Have your hot chocolate plain or with whipped cream, sprinkles, and a mini cookie or slice of cheese.  Yes, I said slice of cheese because some of the hot chocolate flavors are enhanced with the cheese.

Once you place your order the process of making your perfect cup starts with steaming milk, whisking it, then pouring it over the chocolate.

So why does this hot chocolate stand out above the rest?

That’s simple, besides making every ounce of chocolate on sight, it’s only made in small batches with cacoa, basically farm in Uganda, Belize, or Honduras, to table with just a broker getting the chocolate from the farm to the doors of Enna’s.  You can even watch the mouth-water chocolate-making process while you’re there.

Have you tried this spot out yet? Is there another New Hampshire location that has amazing hot chocolate we should try? Let us know.

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