What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Are you someone who prefers chocolatey flavors like rocky road and s'mores, vanilla ones like cookies n crème or moose tracks, or those that are entities of their own like strawberry, pistachio, coffee, or superman? If you're part of the sorbet or sherbet club, do you like raspberry or mango sorbet? How about rainbow sherbet?

When it comes to presentation, do you prefer a cup or a cone? If you like the latter, are plain, sugar, or waffle cones your go-to? Do you load your ice cream with toppings or keep it more plain?

Whatever your preference, you know you can't say no to a delicious serving of ice cream, or some version of it.

We all know that it isn't hard to go to the store if you're looking for a pint of your favorite flavor to curb that sweet tooth. But what about when you're out and about with friends enjoying a warm afternoon (or cold, whatever floats your boat) and you want to stop for some ice cream?

Or, better yet, what if you guys are in the mood to hop in the car and travel to some of the many ice cream places that New Hampshire has to offer?

Without further ado, here's a NH ice cream trail that will make for quite the sweet road trip. Starting in Kingston, the path journeys north all the way to Pittsburg before returning back down to the Seacoast and ending in Rye.

This Ice Cream Trail in New Hampshire is a Sweet Road Trip You Have to Take

Starting in Kingston, this scrumptious NH ice cream trail starts in Kingston and travels north all the way to Pittsburg before journeying back down to the Seacoast Rye Beach area.

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