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There is a special elite club of people that are interested in hiking the 48 tallest mountains above 4000 feet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They even have their own Facebook group where they encourage and support each other, called Hike the 4000 footers of NH!

In this group, they ask each other for tips and tricks, find hiking buddies, and track their progress. It's a wonderful and positive place. I am a member for the sole reason that the people in it inspire me.

I thought of this group as I was perusing Reddit.  A user named ToothSleuth86 shared his wife's amazing creation. Hikers can track their progress as they work their way through the peaks! People are OBSESSED, and a few Reddit users have already ordered one. What a perfect Christmas gift for the hiker in your life!

ToothSleuth86 via Reddit
ToothSleuth86 via Reddit

If you visit her site, you can choose between two wood finishes (White Oak, Cherry).
She describes the piece as "an elegant map to track your 48 New Hampshire Peaks on your path to summit them all!" The dimensions are 18″ x 11″, and it fits nicely in any room. If you look closely, you can see that she even highlighted the distinctive features of each mountain.

.Check out all of her work at Whake Studios on Etsy.

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