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Maine had beach weather over Memorial Day Weekend

Even though Saturday was pretty much a wash, Mainers were pretty lucky to get a burst of beach weather on Sunday and especially on the Monday of Memorial Day itself. In fact, people even tried to make Friday afternoon a part of beach time as around 5p, traffic on the Turnpike heading north around the York Tolls and beyond was already a bit loaded up.

Obviously, with a ton of Maine being coastal, there are a ton of different beaches to choose from -- Popham, Old Orchard -- definitely no shortages of sandy spots to plant yourself with drinks in hand for a day (or a whole weekend.) That said, not all the beach love was positive, as a picture posted to the Maine Reddit page went viral after showing trash scattered on the sand.

Obviously, the caption to the picture is your typical Maine/New England sarcasm, calling a beach with trash scattered all over it "beautiful." That said, not every beach is completely clean and without trash, but it's clearly a play off of the fact that to some, Lewiston is referred to as "Dirty Lew." And while some of the comments on the post go in pretty harshly, others are surface-level sarcastic answers to the question asked in the caption that you can't help but snicker at.

"Looks like it comes with free booze and some good traffic control." - Reddit user pastrybaker


"Simple. They're jealous." - Reddit user FlyingCrowbarMusic


"Cause I love that dirty water..." - Reddit user 987nevertry


"Here we see the majestic traffic cone returning to its native waters. Nature truly is wonderful." - Reddit user tinfoiltank

Regardless of the beach picture, Lewiston does have highlights to check out

Sure, being referred to as the "Dirty Lew" doesn't exactly make a city sound luxurious, but there are some great spots to check out in Lewiston (because let's be real -- it's a city in Maine, that already makes it better than most towns across the country.) According to TripAdvisor, these are just a handful of the best attractions to check out in Lewiston.

Museum L-A: In under an hour, you can check out the history of the "twin cities" in Maine, Lewiston and Auburn, which includes engaging exhibits and programs along with some special events, too. It's not every town that has a full museum about its history for you to check out in 60 minutes or less!

Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul: If architecture is your thing, you're going to love one of the highlights of Lewiston, the gorgeous Basilica that's reminiscent of the ones found in Europe.

Baxter Brewing Company: It's a brewery in Maine, so you already know it's going to be good. But the fact it's located in an old mill building and is loaded with games? Just brings it to that next level. (Especially when you add in good food and drinks!)

Veteran's Park: Whether you want to pay your respects to those that gave their lives on a weekend like the Memorial Day Weekend that just passed or go for a peaceful walk around the park, this is the place to do it.

Bates College Museum of Art: It's been referred to by customers as "an excellent upscale museum in a blue collar town." Definitely a must-see if you want to check out some amazing exhibits.

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