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Is it the stunning view and glorious achievement that induces the sheer excitement of tackling challenging hikes?   We know extreme sports and adventures exist, and often "ooooo" and "ahhhhh" over them on social media, but know full well they're not for us.

Hiking is a way of life with loads of trails at all levels, from simple jaunts to needing special equipment.  Weather, of course, plays a role, too.

Leave it to the Weather Channel to know where to find the most dangerous hikes in the entire country.  Now, danger doesn't mean you shouldn't do them. It just means you'd better be a top-tier hiker or climber and understand what you're getting yourself into.  These aren't just "grab a backpack and water" hikes. Instead, many hikers and extreme sports lovers train for such excursions, often needing special gear.

What's crazy about this list, when you think about our topography and incredible mountain ranges, cliffs, and national parks, is that there are only seven hikes mentioned.  And yes, New England is home to one in Acadia National Park in Maine.

Welcome to Precipice Trail on Mount Champlain.  According to the Weather Channel, if you're ready to tackle a super steep face of a cliff, then Precipice Trail is one of the most dangerous in the country.  Metal rungs help hikers hoist themselves up over 1,000 feet in less than a mile to the summit of Champlain Mountain.  The Weather Channel says the climb isn't really technical in nature, but it's instead the required physical and mental strength that lands it on this list.

And get this: it's so extreme that even the most advanced are warned against climbing back down, and told to instead descend on the North Ridge Trail from the summit.

Click here to see the other six.

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