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Smokin’ Mary

Holy smokes!

I’m not a big Bloody Mary guy but I may just be convinced to try this one out. I may not love bloody’s but I do love chicken, bacon, and shrimp and those babies are part of this drink.

Claiming to have “Maine’s most awesome Bloody Mary” is a bold statement but one that may be true for this one here. It’s practically a meal and drink in one and perfect for your big brunch outing in Bangor.

As stated in the Facebook post, this bad boy here is 55 ounces of Bloody Mary topped with “just about everything we can find in our kitchen.” And, after looking at their website and menu, everything in that kitchen is bomb.

Smoke & Steel BBQ

This crazy Bloody Mary is getting served up at Smoke & Steel BBQ, a barbeque restaurant and axe throwing bar in Bangor, Maine.

The restaurant looks cool as hell and according to the 130 comments on the Facebook post, it’s worth the drive if you’re not from the area. They seem to be one of the best spots in town for good smoked BBQ with killer options like brisket, wings, ribs, local seafood, and Tomahawk steak, all made by award-winning chefs.

It seems to be the place for good food, good drinks, and great entertainment with a huge bar, axe throwing pits, and live music. The bar has more than 60 whiskey brands (my favorite) and 16 beer taps so you’re sure to find your favorite on draft.

Back to the Bloody

But this drink is next level! Whether you’re a Bloody Mary enthusiast or not, this is definitely worth a try or at the very least a killer Instagram pic. It’s more than just a boozy beverage, it’s an experience in a glass.

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