Dangerous Driving in Maine

We are all aware of the dangers of driving.

It’s said that getting into your car is one of the most dangerous things you can do because of the high risk of death or injury on the road. Accidents can happen for various reasons whether it’s your fault or not, for instance, my family member endured a traumatic brain injury from falling asleep while driving.

While accidents can very well be just “accidents”, there are also plenty of ways to avoid them. Reckless driving, driving while under the influence, and not wearing seatbelts can all lead to fatal incidents that could have been avoided.

Defensive Driving

I have the utmost confidence in my driving abilities and am seldom concerned that I will be the reason an accident happens but that type of confidence can cause drivers to relax a little too much, feeling that they are invincible.

The key to good driving is defensive driving, always being on the lookout for someone else to screw up. Any safety measure you can do to prevent being part of an accident could save a life.

Highway Fatalities in Maine 2022

The year is wrapping up and we are starting to learn about the stats of 2022 and what type of year it has been in all sorts of areas. One less fortunate one is Maine’s number of highway fatalities.

As of Wednesday, Dec. 28, the unofficial number of Maine’s highway fatalities was at 177, according to Claim’s Journal.

With a number this high, Maine is likely to have its deadliest year of highway fatalities since 2007.

The article shares that about half of the drivers involved in accidents were not wearing seatbelts and a third were impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Accidents are mostly caused by reckless driving and having nearly 200 highway fatalities in Maine in just the past year is disheartening. Acting as a reckless driver is the most selfish thing you can do, so if you’re going to get behind the wheel the least you could do is do it safely.

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