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This easy-going podcast, complete with natural sounds during creator Bostonian Buzz Knight's various excursions, is a unique way to enjoy New England by the simple act of walking and talking.

Created in 2021, Takin' A Walk is all about conversing, connecting, and catching up with people in a cool location, according to the website.

Buzz Knight/Takin' A Walk Podcast
Buzz Knight/Takin' A Walk Podcast

The authenticity is about personalizing New England through experiences and thoughts of public figures, influencers, and interesting people who have a story to tell.

And you never know where the conversation will lead.

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Buzz recently took a walk with 9th generation New Hampshirite Scott Brown, a former Massachusetts Senator.  As they walked past the Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, we learn Brown believes he's lucky to be alive because of his misspent youth and troubled home life.

If it wasn't for sports, a good coach, a good teacher, and a judge that gave me a second chance, I'd either be dead or in jail.  There's no doubt in my mind.

Talk about deep, literally.

You never know where Takin' A Walk will lead, but it most definitely feels like a chat over a drink, and is often quite relatable.  For instance, when the conversation turned to the power of music, my ears perked as Brown shared its impact on him.

I can have the worst day in the world and have everything falling apart and then go into my man cave, turn on the volume really louder than it should be, and sing and play and it's like, "what a great day."

And as all walks must end, this one did at Brown's childhood home in Portsmouth.

Where will Buzz take a walk next, and who will join him?

Buzz Knight
Buzz Knight

You can listen to Takin' A Walk wherever you listen to your podcasts.  And Buzz told me that as he travels more, his New England-based focus will expand, and you and I can join him in other areas around the country.

Do you know someone you think Buzz should take a walk with?  Click here to learn more and share your recommendation.

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