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I don't know if it is a tradition from when I visited North Conway as a kid, but still, to this day I cannot take a drive to North Conway without stopping at this store. Heck, I will sometimes even take a drive there just to go to this store.

If you've been to the White Mountains or North Conway, then you know that there are some amazing shops all around the area. Not to mention, all the shops you can walk around at the outlets.

Yes, the scenic views in the area are gorgeous, but even though I love looking at one little store in the center always gets me to walk inside.

Zeb's General Store is only a 2-minute walk from the Conway Scenic Railroad and always makes me feel like I am going back in time.

Once I enter, it feels like I am walking into an old candy store filled with fudge, "old school" candies, flavored popcorn, and more. There's not only candy though on the first floor, there are so many things to add to your fridge and pantry.

Other than tasty treats, the second floor offers a variety of decorations and gift ideas. Personally, I always have to go upstairs to read all of the signs that they have because most of them give me a good laugh.

Honestly, this store has just about everything that you would need to decorate your home and fill your kitchen cabinets.

There is one reason however that really gets me to drive to North Conway to stop in this store, and it's behind all the candy on the first floor. I am talking about the refrigerator filled with glass bottles of a variety of sodas.

Flavors like orange cream, grape, Moxie, and just about any original sodas that you think of are all there. One drink that is always on my purchase list is sarsaparilla. Honestly, this was the first place that I had ever seen sarsaparilla.

If you haven't had it before sarsaparilla is basically root beer, but it came out prior.

Granted I have found sarsaparilla in other locations in New England (especially at Cracker Barrel), but I'd still rather take the drive up to Zeb's in North Conway.

There are other great stores and eateries on the main street where Zeb's is that just makes going to North Conway a day of fun and scenic views.

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