Tom Brady ignored his coach's orders on Sunday

With this past weekend being Week 17 of NFL action -- the final week of the regular season before the postseason begins -- lots of high-seeded teams that have already clinched a playoff spot spent a good chunk of the day sitting their first-string players to avoid injury. So, when starters were told to take a seat on the bench, they listened. All but one.

Tom frickin' Brady.

Rob Gronkowski had a bonus incentive on the line

About midway through the 4th quarter in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the Carolina Panthers this past Sunday, the Bucs were destroying the Panthers 31-17 and had possession of the ball and were closing in on the redzone. Just before the Bucs offense took the field, Gronk approached Brady with some information. He was one catch away from reaching his million-dollar bonus incentive.

Brady inserted himself into the game against Bruce Arians' orders

When the Bucs' offense took the field with the ball at the Panthers' 27 yard line, Brady grabbed his helmet to run back onto the field to situate himself under center as the Quarterback for the next play of the drive. When Coach Bruce Arians told Brady he was on the bench for the remainder of the game to keep him healthy for the playoffs, Brady refused, saying "it's my ball" and "I'm not sitting."

On the very next play, Gronk registered his one catch needed and reached his million-dollar payday.

Gronk said he was taking his teammates out to dinner except for one

In the post-game press conference, Gronk was asked by one of the reporters how he planned on spending his bonus, and he mentioned taking his teammates out to dinner -- all except for the man that helped get him paid, Tom Brady.

Of course, it's always all in good fun with Brady and Gronk, and during his part of the presser, Brady kept it all business as usual and gave Gronk (and receiver Mike Evans) props for having a great season and more or less saying he truly earned his bonus. (Commentary starts at 1:17 in the video.)

It's just another chapter in Brady and Gronk's friendship, which has been documented for years, including on Tom Brady's Instagram page after clinching his final Super Bowl Championship with Gronk as a member of the New England Patriots...

...and again when they ran it back this past February after winning the Super Bowl as members of the Bucs.

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