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Chocolate is like pizza.  Almost everybody loves it. Even if you're counting calories, or sugar intake, you can moderately enjoy candy without feeling guilty.

Candy shops have been around for centuries, as people ogle over rows and cases of indescribably delicious choices of confections,  I thought a list of your favorites from a Facebook poll would be fun.  You probably can guess which store is tops in our poll.

Facts About Candy History

The oldest continuous confectionary store in America is Shane's Confectionary in Philadelphia.  That's a bit far for Granite Staters to drive, but what about here in New England?

The oldest candy company in the country is within driving distance to our fellow New England state of Massachusetts.  It's Ye Old Pepper Candy Companie in Salem, MA, which has been producing confections since 1806.

According to Oldepeppercandy.com, the oldest commercially made candy in America was the 'Gibraltors', made by a woman named Mrs. Spencer who was shipwrecked on her way from England and landed in Salem, MA.  Destitute, she was given a barrel of sugar, and Gibraltors were born.  The business was passed on to family friend John Pepper, thus the name of the company.  Pepper is credited with creating the other famous candy from our country's origins, the 'Blackjacks'.

Let's explore your choices for best candy shops in New Hampshire.  The top shop had so many votes, there was no question this was clearly the best in the state, but the others had similar votes and are in no particular order.  Enjoy, and get ready to crave some sweets after you see these pics.

Top 10 Candy Shops in New Hampshire

Candy is sweet, delicious and a fan favorite, but there's one store everybody loves, so let's look at the top votes in a recent Facebook poll.

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