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Do you ever get a craving for tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and a good margarita? Me too.

One of my favorite vacations I've been lucky enough to have experienced was to Mexico. It's funny, I had never wanted to go to Mexico. I'm not sure why, I always thought of it as a Spring break place and I wasn't interested. Boy was I wrong. For nothing else, I should have raced down for the food. I learned the hard way that just pouring on green sauce onto your burrito is a bad move. It was hours before I could feel my face. You better believe I dip a finger to try a hot sauce before just globbing it all over. Mexico taught me not to be an idiot (except for breaking my finger playing football).

Back to Mexican cuisine. One food event stands out. An on-the-beach buffet from the hotel. It was one of those all-inclusive deals and I ate and drank my weight...daily. But that food, in the open air with authentic tacos and flavors and spices that were just so delicious, was very memorable. I'm a fan of interpretations, so asking people what their go-to Mexican place is was next. According to Facebook, these are the top ten winners for go-to Mexican food in Maine. Sounds like an oxymoron, but you'd be surprised at how good these top 10 Mexican restaurants are! Oh, and a food truck made the top ten too!

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Southern Maine

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