When a national TV shows highlights a local restaurant that I know and love, it's absolutely riveting! Guy Fieri has been to many restaurants that I frequent in New Hampshire. Every time I cozy up at The Kitchen in Portsmouth and stare at the dollar bills on the ceiling while feasting on spudsters, I think to myself, "I wonder if Guy's butt was in this very seat?" One can only hope.

Top Chef on Bravo has become one of the more popular food competition shows out there, and with good reason. It's WICKED entertaining!

If you don't watch the show, the premise is that15 of the best aspiring and promising chefs from all around America are challenged with creating amazing culinary dishes. They are competing to try and receive the title of 'Top Chef America'; quite the prestigious title, indeed.

The judges have alternated throughout the years, but the current judges at the time of this writing are Kristen Kish (who is replacing Padma Lakshmi), Gail Simmons, and Tom Colicchio.

Gail Simmons recently visited Maine for the first time, and went to a handful of restaurants. I always wonder if chefs feel all kinds of pressure when they know a celebrity chef is about to experience their cooking. I'm anxious just thinking about it! I'm sure they are confident in the product they put out, and in the unlikely event their cooking was not well-received by said celebrity, that is only one person's opinion!

It seems like Gail was a happy customer at the four places she dined while staying in Maine. Those places were:

  • Clam Shack in Kennebunk
  • Bread and Friends in Portland
  • Eventide Oyster in Portland
  • Izakaya Minato in Portland

Solid lineup, Gail!

Gail's presence in Maine was fully embraced. I love how she took photos with various restaurant staff members and patrons while she was here. Come back and see us again soon, Gail & family!

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