Tributary Brewing Company in Kittery is embracing hockey season.

In a series of photos posted to their Facebook page, Tributary team members posed for hockey-inspired photos that were edited and produced in the style of classic sports trading cards.

Here were the final results of the photoshoot. Also, it's hard not to imagine these hockey-inspired posts didn't have something to do with Tributary's latest beer, its "Canadian Pilsener."

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With his bruising defensive style of play, Woody will toss off his gloves to prevent absurd ingredients from reaching any Tributary brew. His favorite winter beers other than our new Canadian Pilsener are the Schneider Aventinus Weizendoppelbock and Westmalle dubbel. And if course, his favorite current Bruin has to be Brad Marchand! Open at 12 today and if you're lucky you might just catch Woody for an autograph.

Dan, the most versatile center in the game. Unfortunately not a Bruins fan, but his dedication to Trib is unmatched. His play and brewing style is inspired by his favorite Flyers player, Dave "The Hammer" Schultz. When he hops off the ice he's been reaching for the Canadian Pilsener, but also enjoys baltic porters, barley wine, and a good doppelbock...go Bruins.

The last member of the varsity squad, Mr. Tod Mott. This hall of fame brewer has years of experience dangling benders and brewing true-to-style beers. Shortly after this photo was taken his slap shot ripped through 3 steel bright tanks and out the loading dock doors. Rumor has it the puck is still flying. When he's not racking up goals he's enjoying a Winter Saison, Double IPA or a big burly stout like a good ol' MtL. His favorite Bruin on D is Charley McAvoy, forward Patrice Bergeron and of course Tuukka in the net!

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