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Fans of The Amazing Race will likely recognize Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert, two twins who only discovered each other a year ago. They are currently appearing in season 34 of The Amazing Race on CBS but also recently appeared on their Tik Tok page in a rural area of Maine that totally makes sense for an Amazing Race team.

Emily and Molly are identical twin sisters who met in 2021. They were separated at birth and each was adopted from South Korea by different American families. The two never knew the other existed up until DNA home test kits showed revealed that they had a relative that shared almost 50% of the same DNA. Emily reached out to that family member and when they connected, instantly saw why they shared so much of the same DNA. They were identical twins, reunited 36 years after being separated at birth.

Their story made the news circuit, they appeared on talk shows and then landed a spot as a team on The Amazing Race season 34 which premiered on September 21.

Three days before the premiere, Emily and Molly posted a Tik Tok video showing them running across Route 35 in Lynchville, Maine over to the famous World Traveler Signpost that shows the direction and distance to several Maine towns named after foreign countries.

Does this mean that The Amazing Race makes a stop in Lynchville, Maine? Sadly, no.

Filming of season 34 ran from May 25 to June 16 and Emily and Molly posted this on September 18, so it seems to reason that they visited Maine on vacation, well after production had ended.

You can watch to see if Emily and Molly survive to win The Amazing Race Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS or the following day on Paramount+.

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