To the surprise of no one (except lizard people, who can’t feel emotion), UFO sightings have gone way up after recent Congressional testimony indicating that UFOs are, indeed, out there. Directly impacted: the UFO hotbed that is New England.

Massachusetts, in particular, saw a giant spike in sightings. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, Massachusetts residents have already reported more than 40 sightings as of August, 2023. It remains to be seen if the state catches up with the 100 or so sightings in 2022 (though it should be noted eight of those sightings came in December, so it could’ve just been Santa).

More interesting, though, are the specific accounts that go along with these sightings. Of note, this account from Gloucester:

“It’s changing from cube to cylinder and then went into the ocean , I have video”

Sounds scary. But are we sure it wasn’t just a guy falling off the big Greasy Pole?

Someone in Plymouth wrote:

“We were swimming in our pool and we looked up and saw an array of lights for about 8 seconds and they were 4 of they and were changing”

The aliens probably left when they saw how disappointing Plymouth Rock is in person.

The North Shore, though, seems to be getting the most visits in ’23, with Lynn, Revere, and Amesbury joining Boston in reporting a considerable number of sightings.

If the little green (or gray!) guys show up, the state can rest well. Massachusetts was just ranked the third best-prepared state for an alien invasion. That's no shock, given how Bay State residents deftly fought off some would be abductors back in the late '60s – an instance so notable, it even inspired an entire episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

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