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What can brown do for you? Well for starters, they could put some cash in your pocket this holiday season.

This weekend marks UPS’ annual Brown Friday event, when the company makes its final push to hire 100,000 seasonal workers. The company says it is well on its way to that number but encourages more candidates to apply.

This weekend, the company plans to hire 60,000 seasonal workers, and 10% of the positions are right here in New England, per MassLive.

According to UPS, many applicants will be offered a position in less than 25 minutes, and 80% of applications do not require an interview. And in 2021, 35,000 seasonal employees earned full-time positions.

Full-time UPS workers are well-compensated for their hard work as well, earning an average of $95,000 a year in addition to a generous benefits package (pun intended, thank you).

To learn more about how to apply, visit UPS’ official site.

For those on the receiving end, it’s important to remain appreciative of the UPS workers in your neighborhood. Each year, UPS handles around 80 million packages, per CNBC, and they don’t have eight reindeer to help.

So to help you be a good customer for your hardworking UPS workers, here are some Helpful Do’s and Don’ts:

Do: Shovel your front step so a UPS worker can make it to your door safely.
Don’t: Put the snow in a box and ask them to take it.

Do: Make small talk about everyday things, like your new truck.
Don’t: Make a big deal about your truck having doors.

Do: Try to be home when UPS delivers your package.
Don’t: Arrange for FedEx to come at the same time, wait for both in a creepy rocking chair, lift a lantern to your face, and say, “I suppose you’re wondering why I summoned you here…”

Do: Be understanding when UPS leaves a note saying they’ll try to deliver your package again tomorrow.
Don’t: Leave a note complimenting them on their package.

Do: Congratulate them for landing a job on Brown Friday.
Don’t: Tell them you thought Brown Friday was the result of Taco Tuesday.

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