Vacation season is upon us, but we don't always have the time or want to plan big, elaborate trips.

A few times a summer, we get the gift of a free weekend with no plans or obligations. I don't know about you, but I usually want to spend those weekends doing something spontaneous that doesn't require a lot of planning or travel. That's why it's good to have a short list of local getaways!

These places are no further than a two-hour drive, and don't cost an arm and leg for admission (if you have to save up for three months to go, that doesn't count as spontaneous in my book!).

Reader's Digest just put out a list of the best last-minute getaway spots in every state. I was surprised to see their choice for New Hampshire. I'm embarrassed to admit, I had never heard of this place prior to reading the article.

The Manor on Golden Pond in Holderness New Hampshire

Manor On Golden Pond via Facebook
Manor On Golden Pond via Facebook

Don't get me wrong! She looks beautiful.

According to their website, this manor house was built in the early 1900s and sits on 14 acres overlooking Squam Lake. It is 0.8 miles from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and eight miles from the Museum of the White Mountains at Plymouth State University, so there is plenty of cool stuff to do nearby, even if the weather decides not to cooperate. 

You can also take a class by a professional chef at The Manor on Golden Pond’s cooking school, go on a hot air balloon ride, paddle around Squam Lake on a private kayak tour, and so much more! And if you are fond of libations, you can end each day with a nightcap at Three Cocks Pub where they serve classic cocktails with a unique twist. Check out the full list here to see what Reader's Digest picked for your state.

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