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Does anyone want to go surfing?

Yesterday's storm surged with anger and power during high tide creating insane waves, crazy road flooding, and killer videos.

We expected to see snow, but with temperatures finally rising above freezing, we instead had a day filled with heavy winds and parts of the coast rising above sea walls.

Police departments across Southern Maine shared video footage of the storm surge on the sea from Wells, Ogunquit, and Cape Elizabeth.

This first video was captured in Wells by the Wells Police Department on Webhannet Drive. Watch as giant waves break against the sea wall and gush right in front of the cruiser, drowning the road.

Huge waves crash one right after the other causing massive sprays you would not want to be standing under. Not in this weather, anyway.

This next video comes from the Ogunquit Police Department showing the ocean surging over the rock wall and pouring into the parking lot.

The Cape Elizabeth Police Department also posted a video from Shore Road at Pond Cove. The video is taken right from the road, and you can see how high the tide was as the water floods right into the street, covering the road and blocking traffic.

This is what happens when high tides, storm surges, high winds, and a full moon get together.

One hell of a messy day on the coast!

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