There's nothing more beautiful than when nature boasts its beauty, splendor, and color.

This writer spent last summer in central New York and experienced this firsthand. From gorgeous waterfalls...

Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media
Watkins Glen State Park (Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media)
loading... magnificent canyons...

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Letchworth State Park (Megan Murphy, Townsquare Media)

...we live on such a naturally beautiful planet.

New England is no exception when it comes to nature's aesthetic. Many people are attracted to our region in part due to the countless activities that we can enjoy in the great outdoors. Whether it's hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, or anything in between, there's always something to do no matter the season.

But sometimes, it's nice to step back and smell the roses...literally. No matter what your hobbies are, you can't go wrong with a relaxing nature walk with good company, not to mention enjoying the mental health benefits of spending more time outside.

One of the most beautiful elements of the natural world is arguably flowers. It's so therapeutic to stroll through a garden and admire the colorful assortment of flowers while also hearing the twittering of birds and buzzing of insects, and sometimes the soothing sound of running water from a nearby fountain or stream.

We recently took to Facebook to ask you what some of the prettiest gardens in New Hampshire and Maine are, and you thought of some lovely places.

So, let's take a look at these eight gardens perfect for a leisurely summer stroll. Which of these spots have you paid a visit to?

Wander 8 of the Prettiest Gardens in New Hampshire and Maine

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